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     SIGHTSEEING  -  People,  Places  and  Things -  then and now


      Last Revision:  19 Aug 2018 - Pictures from Joel Boroff's Visit to Tay Ninh in 2018




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     VIIDEO        -   Pledge of Allegiance  - a serious word by word explanation by comedian Red Skelton

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     SIGHTSEEING  -  People,  Places  and  Things -  then and now


       LOCATIONS  -  I heard about  but  I never had a chance to visit.

       PLACES  -  I had no idea they even existed.

       THINGS  -   I had no idea they could really do that.



Mechanical  Dust-Off

Chinook Ambulance  with a disabled  Huey

being evacuated  to the  Huey Hospital

photos from the Dwight Young collection


Nui  Ba  Den

Black Virgin Mountain  -  Hill 985  -  northeast of  Tay Ninh

the Summit was occupied by a platoon from a Signal Battalion  plus a CIDG unit;

the VC utilized the lower hills and caves for their base camps;

while the Plains below were owned by 196th Light Infantry Brigade.


Cao Dai Temple

Tay Ninh


Cao Dai Temple

Tay Ninh

Roof of the Cao Dai Temple

Tay Ninh


The Eye

"The One Eye - looking north"

on the outside of

the Cao Dai Temple, Tay Ninh


The  "EYE"  in the globe

Inside the Cao Dai Temple

Tay Ninh


Buddhist Temple

Tay Ninh

Buddhist Temple

Tay Ninh


Catholic Shrine - Virgin Mary

Tay Ninh



Toa Do Chinh

Saigon City Hall

circa 1969

RSVN  Flag  in the center of second floor


Nha Tho Duc Ba

The Cathedral of Notre Dame in Saigon

circa 1969


Downtown  Saigon


Downtown Saigon




The Emperor's Summer Palace  at  Dalat, Vietnam


Before World War Two,  the French Government in Paris ruled French Indo-China

through a group of local royal rulers.

There was a King in Laos,  a King in Cambodia  and  an Emperor in Vietnam.

The Vietnamese Emperor had a Summer Palace at Dalat.

The last Emperor,  Bao-Dai (1913-1963),  certainly lived better than the

Tenant Rice Farmers   in the   III and IV  Corps areas !

He was deposed in 1955 and died in exile.

above and from the SFC Robert Gulley collection - circa 1969




Amusement Park with Rides for Kids in Saigon

Why Not ?

I surely missed this spot !


     A   ZOO   in Saigon with live animals !

why not  ?

pictorial proof from

John Martin, Hal Lynch and Tom Slusher


1-LT  Hal Lynch

visitng the Zoo between JUSPAO Classes

Two Kangaroos

having lunch



Better off in the Saigon Zoo than

carrying cargo down the  Ho Chi Minh Trail

Two  Black  Bears

Why not take a 'Cooling Bath'

Vietnam is  'too hot'  for my fur coat  !

Bird House
Strolling Around looking for a Fish Dinner
Climbing a Tree
A Jump into the Lake

1Lt. Lewis Stien teaches tennis

Tennis Courts  -  in Tay Ninh  !

Tennis Pro  and   2nd CA  LT

  Lou Stein  vs.  Gen William Westmoreland

Did  Lou  " Let the General win ?

Absolutely   R.H.I.P.


Certainly a Unique Trailer

In-Transit  to destination unknown  -  an NVA-VC Hotel on the Ho Chi Minh Trail ?

or perhaps with a new type of   CIVIL AFFAIRS   camouflage !

No, but with a coat of new paint, the future home of the  C. O. of the  2nd CA.


Aerial Photo of the 2nd Civil Affairs Company Area

The Buildings  -  from Right to Left

2nd CA Supply,  9th Car Company BOQ  and last   2nd CA BOQ #2  and  BOQ # 1

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

  90th Replacement Battalion  -  top of picture

552nd Military Police Company - Enlisted Housing Area  -  upper right buildings

House Trailers - in temporary storage

but for the future use by the  ' Generals in the field '  !



the ultimate  CAPITALIST SYMBOL  in a  Communist Vietnam  !

a   TOLL PLAZA   on Highway 1

- - - - -    

on the  Saigon to Long Binh Road

about 2 miles north of the Saigon River Bridge.

Do you think they have  E-Z Pass  ?

While watching this guy work, I kept thinking about the Glen Campbell song I am a lineman for the county.

Saigon Telephone System in 2010

After 40 years,  the telephone communication system has not changed that much.

Perhaps, a current day member of the Communist Secret Police

attempting to put wire tap on "Yellow Dragons"

Xin Loi

The Flag of the

Republic of Vietnam


ARVN  Monument

Highway 1

Di An  -  Tu Duc  Area


ARVN  Monument

Highway 1

Di An  -  Tu Duc  Area

  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx   xxxxxxxxxxxxx  

The South Vietnamese Presidential Palace in Saigon

your U.S. Tax Dollars  hard at work  for you !

Now a NVA and VC War Museum.




A newly discovered animal in the   ANTELOPE  species

with 18"- 24" Horns  which diverge slightly.


The animal was "discovered" in Vietnam in 1996

and this is first new large mammal discovery since 1937.


Picture from the Smithsonian Magazine, August  2008



this animal's ancestors have been around for thousands of years,

perhaps longer than man's ancestors and

they survived the B-52 bombings of their habitat along the Ho Chi Minh Trail too.


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